Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen


Choosing a new kitchen is one of the most exciting projects when it comes to renovating the home, and is the last thing on our list of places to renovate in our home. We've left it as it can also be the most expensive, stressful and time-consuming room of the house to do. From picking the right style to finding a designer and agreeing the layout, there's a lot to take on board, and everything costs money. 

However, if you're tempted to rush into a showroom and choose your design ready for a new room, then I'd hold off a little. It's important that you take plenty of time to consider what it is you really want in your kitchen. Follow these simple kitchen design ideas to transform your kitchen into one that is stylish and practical.


Make The Most Of Your Tiny Cloakroom With These Simple Strategies

Cloakrooms are one of the most valuable additions that you can make to your home. Not only are they convenient for your family, but they’re also vital for your guests. People who attend your dinner parties can quickly use the bathroom and then get back to the action soon afterwards, without having to traipse upstairs.


Alternative Options For Your New Years Eve


In my experience, New Year's Eve is the worst party night of the year. No other night is so anticipated, so hyped, or so weighed down with expectation and it feels like no matter how fabulous the night, there is always something bigger and better somewhere else.

So I say you should bail on those big events as they're awkward, usually expensive, and mostly overdone. Skip the big ball and focus on your favourite people, or meeting new people, instead. Don't worry, there are actually plenty of alternative ways that you can see in the new year. Here are tips on how to make your New Year’s Eve fun without the big, expensive club party.


What To Do With The Spare Room In Your Home

When we bought this house, we did so thinking that we'd need the spare room in the future. Either for growing our family, or if not, then the extra space would always come in handy and would give us many options. It's just a case of figuring out for what.

There are so many ideas to go for, and this could be down to what you need that extra space for, within your family, but it is good sometimes to get some outside help, or a bit of inspiration to help you decide what to do with you spare space.


Win 1 of 50 Bailey's Chocolate Twists


I can’t quite believe we’re getting into the festive season now, for me it still feels like we're only half way through the year. I'm so not ready for 2020 to arrive soon. But I am so excited for Christmas and every exciting thing that this season brings.

The flavours, the scents, the food. It's all amazing at Christmas, and usually gives us an excuse to pig out on all these festive favourites. And Bailey's is one of those things that always comes out at Christmas.


Win 1 of 5 Virginia Hayward The Magic of Christmas Hampers

I don't know about you, but I love to receive gifts that have actually had some thought put into them - it makes it all the more special. And so when people buy me gifts that are perfect for my blogging escapades, I know that they have thought about what I do and actually listened to what I need. 

My family know me so well when it comes to gifting, so I know I'll be receiving blogging bits, fitness essentials and lots of chocolates to boots. So what's more exciting near Christmas than winning your very own hamper full of chocolates and other Christmas treats that are sure to bring your Christmas spirit out. 


Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

Satin Dress
Mustard Scarf Print Satin Dress

Nobody is born with limitless self-confidence. If someone seems to have incredible self-confidence then it's likely because they have worked on building it for years. Self-confidence is something that you learn to build up as life in general can deflate it.

Well meaning but sometimes unkind comments from those closest to us can also hit us hard, even if they don't mean them to. On top of this, our inner self-doubt can sometimes tell us that we are not good enough. And I guess, when we are bombarded by so many elements that harm our self-confidence, it can really take its toll.


Finding Love is Possible at Any Age


Finding love can seem impossible, as if we're up against an unbeatable clock. But love is out there and can be found at any age or stage of our lives. And here is what I know for sure... finding true love is possible for any one and at any age. 


Chocolate Treats To Make At Home


Sure, chocolate is the best on its own (especially with a glass of wine or dipped in a cup of coffee), but sometimes you want a little more from your bar of choccie. So when you fancy a bit of chocolate but don't want to inhale a full bar, you can use the opportunity to stuff chocolate into everything you possibly can...


Style Yourself Body Confident

Body confidence is tough. We live in a world that tells us that our bodies aren't good enough. That in order to be accepted by society, we need washboard abs, perky bums and cellulite-free thighs. So instead of celebrating how great we are as individuals, we waste time, energy and money trying to fix our perceived flaws.

No matter how much we exercise or challenge yourself to diet, however much we spend on pampering or clothes, we need to truly believe in yourself before we can feel good.


My Monthly Favourites


It's the first week of a new month and I'm here to share some of my favourites from the last month. This will be a new monthly segment of mine where I'll talk about products I've loved with a specific angle for each month. This month is about all things me. Items that I love using, eating, and wearing.


Summer Vibes With Femme Luxe

Shirt dress

Some days, it can get so hot outside you feel like you’re going to melt under the glare of the sun. Dressing for hot weather can be a challenge, especially when you do not want to sweat like crazy but still appear fashionable and put together. 

You can dress for hot weather by looking for clothing made of fabric and materials that will keep you cool as well as styles and cuts made for hot weather. Go for clothing made of cotton, linen, or jersey such as this Navy Rolled Sleeves Shirt Dress, as these fabrics will not constrain your body or cause you to sweat in the heat.


Josh Wood Colour Hair Care Range


They say that the hair is an extension of your personality and I think this is so true. I mean, when I'm having a fun month, I'll tint my hair pink. But then in winter, I'll go a shade darker, and in the summer, I like to go light.

I have been blonde my whole life though. Starting out natural - I have a dull blonde natural colour - but then going lighter as I got older as my ashy locks left me feeling a little boring. At the moment, my hair is really light blonde in a balayage style and is hard to maintain. Going lighter blonde means trying to combat the yellowing that comes with it.


Win A Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Lately I've been trying out a lot of new makeup products to see which I prefer the best. It's been a nice way to find brands I wouldn't normally try, and check out some products in different styles. But, what's better than trying out new makeup looks. Well that would be, trying out new makeup without paying for it. 

I do love trying new brands, new products and everything in between and so I follow sites such as WOW Free Stuff UK as they always find some amazing freebies and run some fab competitions. It's great when that post arrives and hiding amongst is a cool freebie, even better when it becomes an essential after finding that it's perfect for you.


Femme Luxe Clothing Haul

Yves Saint Love Graphic Print Slogan Tee and Cargo Pockets Skirt

I have worked with Femme Luxe many times in the past on the body confidence section of Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum, and this month, they also wanted to work with me on here too. I picked out quite a few items, and split them between 2 posts, dresses over there, and everything else over here. 

Describing themselves as a 'current, classy and forward thinking online fashion brand', Femme Luxe produce clothing that can be worn for a night out, day wear and on special occasions, as well as just for relaxing in whilst at home.


A Spa Day And Afternoon Tea At Crowne Plaza Leeds

I't's not often I have a day to myself. Things can be pretty hectic in life these days. Between sorting the kids, working and going to the gym almost daily, I don't have much spare time. But every now and then, you need to make time for yourself.

Recently, Buy A Gift asked me if I wanted to try out one of their experiences as part of my Mother's Day gifts post, a spa access day was an option, and so I decided to take this, and enjoy a day of relaxation.


The Glossybox Mother's Day Limited Edition Gift Box

Glossybox are amazing when it comes to creating limited edition boxes for special days throughout the year, and it seems Mother's Day is no exception as they revealed their gorgeous Mother's Day edit. This limited edition skincare and makeup gift box worth over £100, retailing in the UK only. The beautifully designed box is on point and the brands included are really special.

You can just feel the Mother's Day vibe in all the products that have been included and I am certain that this would make an amazing Mother's Day gift. With brands such as bareMinerals, Laura Geller, Clarins and Yankee Candle are all featured in this Glossybox Mother’s Day 2019 edition box, there's a lot to get stuck in to.


My Wedding Guest Outfit

We all have to walk that fine line eventually when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding. It's like, you want to look stunning, somewhat beautiful, but still appropriate for the wedding. I mean, you want to be remembered for the right reasons, and that's not for upstaging the bride. 

For men, this is fairly easy to remember - he should wear something to complement the groom's without matching exactly. So that the one that stands out, is the one celebrating his nuptials. Coordination seems to be key and so a nice suit that is similar in colour to the grooms, a fancy shirt and then finish with a matching tie and pocket square.


Creating A Rose Gold Master Bedroom

We've slowly been getting round to updating the decor in our house lately. I started by writing about how we created a silver and grey livingroom, and now we've gone upstairs to the next lot of rooms that need sorting out. 

The master bedroom in our house was in dire need of updating. It has been a really dark purple since we moved in and that made the room look so dull and dreary. I've always dreamt of having a bedroom that is relaxing but luxurious, and has the design that looks bold but serine at the same time.