A Spa Day And Afternoon Tea At Crowne Plaza Leeds

I't's not often I have a day to myself. Things can be pretty hectic in life these days. Between sorting the kids, working and going to the gym almost daily, I don't have much spare time. But every now and then, you need to make time for yourself.

Recently, Buy A Gift asked me if I wanted to try out one of their experiences as part of my Mother's Day gifts post, a spa access day was an option, and so I decided to take this, and enjoy a day of relaxation.

This Afternoon Tea with Spa Access for Two at Crowne Plaza Leeds is the perfect gift as it offers the duo of a relaxed and indulgent day. With the perfect combination of access to the fantastic spa facilities, followed by a traditional afternoon tea, or coffee! 

With unlimited access to the Spirit Health Club, this means that you can spend some time in the gym, have a dip in the heated pool, chill in the Jacuzzi, or heat yourself up in the sauna and steam room. Once you've booked the date you want to visit, they even ask if you'd like to add on a little massage, or treatment, to make your day even more relaxing. 

My friend, Marija and I, go to the gym regularly, so that was where we started on our spa day. We thought it best to work up an appetite before doing anything else, and the well-equipped gym let us do just that. With a mix of cross-trainers, treadmills and weights, there are a lot of ways you can work up a sweat. 

It was a fairly small gym area, with limited apparatus, but enough for us 2 for a days use. I liked that it was quiet though so we could try out different machines, and there was also a room, just off from here, where you could do some stretching or Yoga in between your workout. 

We then went downstairs to the pool area. As you'll see, I've only used a stock image for this area as there was signs saying no phones to be used in this area, although people were actually on their phones around the pool, so I guess this is not checked. 

Although we both weren't bothered about using the steam room or sauna (I can't cope with intense heat and Marija has sensitive skin that reacts badly to heat), the steam room wasn't actually working when we went. I would have thought they'd have let us know this when we arrived as we didn't find out until we actually got into the pool area. And although this didn't effect us, I would have felt differently had I purchased this day pass and wanted to use it.

The pool is a good size and fairly warm. It was not busy at all on the Monday that we went which meant that we could get a few small lengths in. Stopping every now and then for a chat

We did have to wait a while to use the Jacuzzi though. One group was in it for the first hour we were in the pool area - I'd have thought there would have been a fair use policy of some sort to make sure this little space was hogged for quite so long, but we did get to use it eventually. And the water was amazing - very warm, immensely bubbly and superbly relaxing.  

Finishing off, we went up to the restaurant, having the traditional afternoon tea which comes with this voucher. You get to tuck into a trio of tasty sandwiches - cheese and pickle, ham and mustard, and salmon. With a range of miniature treats, from parkin, brownies, and mini Victoria sponges. All polished off with warm giant sultana scones, served with clotted cream and homemade jam. 

All in all, for the £39 that this voucher is priced at, for spa access and afternoon tea for 2, I think it's a great deal. You can spend all day there and are fed a lovely little treat too. 


  1. I'm not sure about the gym, but afternoon tea looks delightful.

  2. Tis a while since I've last been here - time to visit again

  3. The afternoon tea looks yummy.

  4. This looks fab!!