My Wedding Guest Outfit

We all have to walk that fine line eventually when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding. It's like, you want to look stunning, somewhat beautiful, but still appropriate for the wedding. I mean, you want to be remembered for the right reasons, and that's not for upstaging the bride. 

For men, this is fairly easy to remember - he should wear something to complement the groom's without matching exactly. So that the one that stands out, is the one celebrating his nuptials. Coordination seems to be key and so a nice suit that is similar in colour to the grooms, a fancy shirt and then finish with a matching tie and pocket square.

When it comes to women, this is a whole other board game. You should look effortless, yet understated. Stunning yet not too much to clash with the bride. You shouldn't wear the same colour as the aforementioned bride, yet you shouldn't look odd at the side of her. 

For me, I always find that a beautiful statement dress works wonders. Add heels and a slick of lipstick and you're on your way to wedding perfection. Err on the classy side and go for a midi rather than a short dress. 

Leave white lace and embroidery to the bridal party, but you can instead go for sequins, coloured lace and clever textural layering. It is a close friends wedding soon and I will be wearing a burgundy lace dress which still has wedding vibes, but won't look out of place against the design the bride is going for. 

My husband will also be the best man and wearing a navy suit and I think that this dress will coordinate with him perfectly. A couple of black and rose gold accessories and I'm ready to go. What do you think, what is your wedding outfit staple?


  1. Looks devine - wouldnt mind these too

  2. Natalie Burgess09:20

    This is beautiful!!

  3. Nicola Wragg11:05

    That dress is gorgeous

  4. I haven't been to many weddings but it always interests me, what people think is appropriate dress for such an occasion!

  5. A lovely outfit but am interested to note there is no hat. I was only one of three guests at a recent wedding wearing a hat.

  6. Lovely dress, shame I haven't got any wedding to go to this year!

  7. Given me ideas for the family weeding in 3 weeks - I need the help!!