Femme Luxe Clothing Haul

Yves Saint Love Graphic Print Slogan Tee and Cargo Pockets Skirt

I have worked with Femme Luxe many times in the past on the body confidence section of Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum, and this month, they also wanted to work with me on here too. I picked out quite a few items, and split them between 2 posts, dresses over there, and everything else over here. 

Describing themselves as a 'current, classy and forward thinking online fashion brand', Femme Luxe produce clothing that can be worn for a night out, day wear and on special occasions, as well as just for relaxing in whilst at home.

Yves Saint Love Graphic Print Slogan Tee and Cargo Pockets Skirt

You can't have enough t-shirts, and this Yves Saint Love Graphic Print Slogan Tee is perfect for many occasions. It's a simple printed tee but looks so nice against so many options. You could wear it with jeans, a skirt or even as fitness wear, but I chose a skirt and think it works so well. The material is stretchy so it hugs in all the right places, and it's a nice length too. 

The skirt I paired it with is the Grey Camo Cargo Pockets Skirt which is ideal to be worn with either a black or white top, I think. With a luxe stretchy material and cool cargo style pockets, it fits really well and looks really stylish. It looks really dressed down with the tee, but you could also pair with a slinky top and heels for a really dressed up look. 

White Lace Strappy Bodysuit  and Cargo Pockets Skirt

That's why I tied it with the White Lace Strappy Bodysuit with amazing results. The body suit hugs my figure and is so sexy. To be honest, I would never have picked a bodysuit for myself usually, but sometimes it's great to try something new, and I'm glad I did.

This White Lace Strappy Bodysuit is a classy lace over satin material and simple strap design, you cant go wrong. It has a clasp fastening in the gusset so is easy to get in and out of, and for using the loo. The bust area doesn't really support well if you have a bugger bust, like me, but I didn't mind how it looked, with or without a bra. 

Pink Print Front Tie Playsuit and White Lace Strappy Bodysuit

The Pink Print Front Tie Playsuit was my last choice, as I love a good playsuit. With a bold pattern and luxe satin material, which also comes in a blue design, this playsuit is super versatile to style up, or down. I wore the bodysuit under mine as this playsuit is very low cut, and I think this works very well.

The tie strap around the waist adds another dimension to the style and the arm length is ideal to cover the tops of the arms, whilst still showing the flesh. 

I personally think Femme Luxe is ideal for those who want to try something new. They have so much choice, and so many amazing designs, that there is always something different to try. 


  1. you look amazing!

  2. You look great! I particularly like the first look with the slogan tee, but that's probably because it's in my comfort zone so I'm automatically drawn to it!

  3. OĆ²ooo la la looking fab

  4. I really like the t shirt and I would wear it with some light blue jeans x

  5. Some lovely things there, I love that T-shirt, it really suits you.

  6. wow, some awesome clothes! sounds like a good haul! xx


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