Chocolate Treats To Make At Home

Sure, chocolate is the best on its own (especially with a glass of wine or dipped in a cup of coffee), but sometimes you want a little more from your bar of choccie. So when you fancy a bit of chocolate but don't want to inhale a full bar, you can use the opportunity to stuff chocolate into everything you possibly can...

And if you do just fancy giving some of these a go then now is your chance as Wow Free Stuff are giving you the chance to win a Cadbury chocolate bar in their latest giveaway. With this, you can either enjoy the bar, or use one of these options to make it into something really special...

Make chocolate ganache
Chocolate ganache is basically the best chocolate dessert base ever, and no one can tell me any different. You can use it as a glaze, icing for cakes, sauce and even filling for delicious pastries and cakes. To make chocolate ganache, all you need is a packet of chocolate and double cream so it's super easy to do and can be used for so many desserts. 

Make Brownies
I can't talk about chocolate without mentioning brownies. Aren't brownies just the best. For years and years I have always bought ready-made brownies at the store, never able to perfect my own recipe. After much trying, I made my divine chocolate brownies which are the best brownies I have ever tasted. 

The next time you feel like baking, add chopped chocolate to your brownie mixture. It's death by chocolate in the best way possible. Or even throw in some nuts to give a crunch to your bake. 

Bake choc chip cookies
You don't need chocolate chips to make chocolate chip cookies, just chop your block of chocolate into small pieces and add to your favourite cookie recipe to give chunky chips rather than mini ones. Play around with different chocolates for an added twist. White chocolate goes well with macadamia nuts or dark chocolate with a pinch of salt (or chilli if you're feeling daring).

Make chocolate bark
One of the easiest chocolate desserts you can make is chocolate bark, even the kids can get in on the action. If you haven't tried chocolate bark before, all it requires is melting a block of chocolate, pouring on a baking tray and adding on your favourite dry ingredients. Nuts, raisins, biscuits, and even coconut. There are so many things you can throw into it to make it your very own design. You can also swirl two types of chocolate for a marbled effect.

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