Finding Love is Possible at Any Age


Finding love can seem impossible, as if we're up against an unbeatable clock. But love is out there and can be found at any age or stage of our lives. And here is what I know for sure... finding true love is possible for any one and at any age. 

Age is Meaningless
Increasingly, age is just a number for many people, who refuse to let it prevent them from doing anything they want, if you want to date a cougar, then why not. And finding love is no exception. Attitude, openness and experience are much more significant, and so is actively looking for the one who you want, not who society says you should be with. If anything, age can be an asset, as you've learnt from previous relationships and know more about how to make it work and what you are looking for.

There's Someone for Everyone
There really is someone for everyone out there, whatever your age, whoever you want to be with. Finding them may be the difficult part, but it's definitely possible if you have an open mind. If you learn to believe that 'The One' is not only out there but is also actively looking for you too, then true love can be yours for the taking.

Your Pheromones May Be Triggered
You might ask, what are pheromones? Pheromones are similar to hormones but work outside of the body. They induce activity in other individuals, such as sexual arousal, so when your are physically attracted to someone, you may emit these and in turn, attract them to you. 

Widen Your Scope
You can have a happy relationship with someone of a different age, nationality or race, or even the same gender. It's all about finding out what you like. Attitudes have changed, we meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds nowadays, and social changes mean that we are no longer looked down on based on who we live with. There are even dating sites to help you find your type and to help you along the way to finding the one.

It's Not Just for the Young
Maturity can definitely be a considerable asset when it comes to finding love. You've already made your mistakes, learnt the lessons, and know much more about yourself and what you want, and obviously what you don't want too. 

Being Realistic
I think, as we get older, we become much more realistic about relationships, and what we want. In our youth, we look for that perfect relationship. The one you see on social media, and the ones that everyone strives for, which only leads to disappointment. Once we've matured, however, we know that nobody is perfect, including ourselves too, and I guess we accept that relationships need work. 

Age is on Your Side
In our society, we are bombarded with the message that we need to preserve a youthful image. Yet getting older is not the disaster that it seems to be made out to be, because as you age, you gain more experience of life. And that experience can come in handy when knowing how to deal with situations in relationships, and when dating.

Just remember, whether you're in your 20s or 50s, finding love is within your reach, as long as you give it a try. There are many potential partners out there, you just need to get looking...


  1. I totally agree with this :)

  2. Finding love is possible at any age, but it's not important to me, to be honest, I prefer not to have anyone else's foibles and irritants - I have enough of my own lol!!

  3. I think that this is very interesting and I agree with it.

  4. Agree with the sentiments, especially being open to finding someone no matter what your age.

  5. This is lovely. My sister is 46 and I was talking to her yesterday about this, to never give up hope xx

  6. I've dated women much older and younger than me. Age is just a number! It's the person that counts!

  7. Anonymous17:17

    Yes :- True. Also agree with :- Wisdom tends to come with age, via life experiences. We can be bombarded with :- Fairy Tales, " Lived Happily Ever After" stories, Bliss!, No Poverty, No problems, No ISSUES, etc. When young.

    With age, time, observation, experience, etc :- We realise the variety. I have always tended to think that the expectations of :- Society, whoever, whatever has the Unrealistic Expectation of always having to have a partner. As the reason for much hostility, arguments, Domestic Abuse, etc. As some people FEAR the Repurcusions of being Alone, Single. So Being with a 'Wrong One' to them is better than being with no one ( alone, single).

    Social Isolation has been occurring due to changes in society / Communities /Culture, etc. We are told it NEEDS to be tackled /Addressed. When I was young, we had an elderly neighbour who would come to the door. She initially would ask for some milk, or sugar she had run out of. Mum came to know / realise that really this elderly lady was in NEED of some company / social company. So promptly us children were instructed by Mum if we happened to answer the door to this lady, let her in and take her into the livingroom where she would bet met by Mum, Dad or both. She was Welcomed to our home and family. She was likely a 'Widowed Woman'.

    We need to reconnect with people within our community /ies. Accept people for who /what they are, be mutually Respectful of each other, homes, property :- goods / belongings,etc.

    Yes :- Love can come at any age. Can come when we least expect it, etc. We just need some opportunities. Whilst we need to accept it is ok to be single, married, divorced, widowed, etc. We come in all shapes, sizes, etc. Acceptance, Kindness, Mutual Respect, etc are Important.

    Rachel Craig

  8. Agree ! Age is a number
    Happiness is lifelong

  9. Yes is just a number, it's how that person, perceives life and their goals etc.

  10. I met my boyfriend 2 years ago. I am 33 and he is 41 and we had both been looking so hard and the moment we both stopped looking we found each other!

  11. It is so true, but you really do have to at least like yourself and be a decent person to attract it :) 'you do you' be happy, and it will happen xxx


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