Style Yourself Body Confident

Body confidence is tough. We live in a world that tells us that our bodies aren't good enough. That in order to be accepted by society, we need washboard abs, perky bums and cellulite-free thighs. So instead of celebrating how great we are as individuals, we waste time, energy and money trying to fix our perceived flaws.

No matter how much we exercise or challenge yourself to diet, however much we spend on pampering or clothes, we need to truly believe in yourself before we can feel good.

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You can spot a confident woman from a mile away, she'll be carrying herself a certain way and looking comfortable in her own skin. While it is true that confidence about your body and all its flaws can only come from within, there is one thing which can instantly boost your self-image, and that's fashion.

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Have you ever wondered why your favourite dress or pair of heels can make you feel sexy, happy and confident, whereas pulling on out-of-style clothes can increase your self-doubt? This is because certain accessories and clothes have the power to instantly make you feel more comfortable in your skin, increasing your body confidence.

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Here are my 4 top tips to help you gain body confidence in yourself...

Stop looking at other bodies and comparing
This is a pointless exercise as you have different DNA to everyone else, everyone does. You live in a different environment to celebrities, where Photoshop is done throughout magazines and in any photos they put online, which only perpetuates the need to look 'flawless'. You are never going to look like anyone else, so stop the comparison.

Recognise that what we see in the media has most likely been edited
I can't stress this enough which is why I mentioned above and given this its own header. Literally almost every image you see has been retouched or filtered. Meaning that person in the photo doesn't even look like the real person.

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Identify what you like about your body
Keep those things front and centre of your mind and not hidden at the back. Focus on the positives and not the negatives when it comes to your body, and life in general, to be fair. And just remember, you have so many good points, so don't just focus on your looks.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself
Easy one, your friends wont focus on how you look and will help you have confidence in you, as you are. And if anyone has concerns with how you look, they're not worthy of being in your life.


  1. Looking fab - thanks for the ideas

  2. Yes, confidence is very attractive indeed. The challenge is to get that message across to tweens and teens so they enjoy growing up. Thanks for the helpful post.

  3. It's so hard to feel comfortable in your own skin sometimes! Especially if you are plus size like me. I do think the media is starting to turn towards celebrating women's bodies no matter your size and shape, which is helping a little. I think taking the time to look after yourself is a really positive step.

  4. Great article - great photos.


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