Alternative Options For Your New Years Eve


In my experience, New Year's Eve is the worst party night of the year. No other night is so anticipated, so hyped, or so weighed down with expectation and it feels like no matter how fabulous the night, there is always something bigger and better somewhere else.

So I say you should bail on those big events as they're awkward, usually expensive, and mostly overdone. Skip the big ball and focus on your favourite people, or meeting new people, instead. Don't worry, there are actually plenty of alternative ways that you can see in the new year. Here are tips on how to make your New Year’s Eve fun without the big, expensive club party.

Make Your Own Cocktail Party
Don’t fancy going out and would rather stay in then you should consider getting you besties round and making cocktails to see in the new year with. Spend the evening mixing up some of your favourite cocktails and then sit back and relax while sipping on them. This way you get the chance to try out some new flavours, without the expense of paying the prices a club will charge.

Go Dancing
Most of us love a dance, and the good news is that celebrating the New Year getting down on the dance floor could help you burn off hundreds of calories which makes it good for you too. You don't have to book tickets for a fancy club to dance the night away. Instead find a nearby pub that you can party at. But if nights on the town aren't your thing, you could get your friends round for a dance session on the Playstation, 90's style. Alternatively, get in on one of the year's hottest trends by attending a New Year Zumba party.

Join a dating site
Start as you mean to go on. Joining a dating site such as nostringsdating net could be your resolution for the New Year. To get yourself out there, have some fun, and maybe find the one. Creating a profile on adult dating sites can feel a little daunting, but it’s important to note that one in three couples now find love online, so if you’re looking, it really is the way to go. You could either start out your New Year's Resolution to get out and date more started early, and set your profile up that night, or see if you can get yourself a date for New Years Eve, and maybe this evening might be the start of something new. 

A Family Party
There is nothing I love more than spending the nights with my family, as it's free entertainment laughing at your own family getting drunk, and it's a good way to bring all of your closest friends and family together. You could serve a range of dishes if you like cooking, or simply ‘party snacks’ along with a selection of cocktails and other drinks. Just think how much fun hosting your own party could be.

Don't pretend, we all know that everyone just loves karaoke. Who cares about the quality of your voice when you're belting out a classic. Once you've had a beverage, or 2, you wont care anyway. And even if you're self conscious, you can have your own karaoke party at home, in a comfortable environment, and you can implement a phone ban. No proof of this night must exist when you all wake up from your drink fuelled night of singing badly.

Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy the last day of 2019...


  1. Charlene Merrall19:06

    Yes! This is so true! I hate new years eve as its always so over hyped!

  2. I also hate NYE, I perfer New Years day

  3. Our new years eve is quite busy but I think this year we will tone it down.

  4. Yes it is over hyped, I have to agree. We got so fed up of boring parties and events that we don't bother any more.

  5. Some great idea's x

  6. I'm looking forward to babysitting my 7 week old Grandson this NYE.

  7. To be honest we had a great night in watching the tv footage, having a few drinks,(so no hangover for us) and a few munchies.

  8. We stayed at home with our family this year :)

  9. I stayed in and enjoyed some sparkling wine!

  10. Planned on a party - ended up ill in bed - ready to make up now


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