Improve, don't move: 5 effective home improvement tips


Depending on where you live right now, you might not think it’s possible to do a whole lot more with the space you own. However, if you own a house there are several excellent opportunities to make the very most of it, rather than selling up and moving on.

And as you’ve no doubt already put some serious work into the property already – not to mention falling in love with the place prior to buying it – consider these five home improvements before putting your home on the market.

The loft conversion
If your loft is currently a dingy space devoid of contents, or used primarily for storage (or even home to the Christmas tree for 11 months of the year), then consider what else it could be. An extra bedroom? A study area for honing your own ‘lofty’ ambitions? Perhaps a dedicated work area for when you’re out of the office?

Although Zopa recently listed the loft conversion as the most expensive home improvement project you can undertake (£24,000 on average) – it is also one of the most rewarding to the overall value of your property (£12,000 profit!!). In the majority of circumstances, a loft conversion won’t require planning permission. Plus, plenty of building contractors, such as Findley builders and roofers in Darlington, will be able to assess whether changes to your roof warrant contacting your local authority to apply for the conversion beforehand.

The extension
And swiftly onto the most profitable home improvement project you could undertake – there’s the home extension. Costing an average of just under £20,000 to build, the profit on the property (should you later decide to sell), is around an average of £14,000.

Plus, with the variety of home extensions available, no matter what type of house you live in, the chances are positive that there’s an extension solution for you. This brings not only plenty of extra space into the home – but also an abundance of opportunity to redesign your entire living environment.

The outdoors
What do you currently have waiting for you at your back door? If it’s a garden or patio, then a great and more affordable alternative to a home extension is a conservatory. Now, if you’re thinking that you’ll never get any use out of it, either because it’s too hot or too cold, think again. As reported in The Telegraph, this stereotypical image of a conservatory has been ingrained in UK culture since the late 1970s – although modern materials make the contemporary conservatory a far more practical living space. Now thermally efficient, a conservatory can, on average, add nearly £6,000 to the value of a home.

That's not all. Taking care of the outside of your home with improve it big time. Making sure the paving is level, grass is kept short and flowers are pruned will give you a nice looking garden. But also look at the outside of your house. Is it tidy. You could contact such as Gutter Cleaning New Orleans to make sure your guttering is kept clean and up to scratch. 

The garage
Now you may well use this plethora of space on a daily basis (or more likely, overnight, as you home your car for the evening). But do you also have a driveway, and some space for parking at the front of the property? If so, and if you’re confident that vandalism won’t be an issue, then by leaving your car out front, you could free up a vast amount of living space.

The most popular garage conversion (you will probably be pleased to hear) is to transform the space into a multi-functional utilities room. This could be a guest room, with en-suite facilities, a home office or study, or simply storage facilities that adjoin the kitchen – giving you more to play with in that room too.

Bathroom & kitchen
Finally, the two that don’t need to involve much in the way of extensive building work – the bathroom and kitchen. Given that the purpose of this blog is to help you make the most of your home, how far into the future have you been thinking? If it’s more than a couple of decades, you may want to think about your bathroom in particular.

Future-proofing your bathroom with a walk-in wet room, for instance, can add a couple of thousand pounds to your home’s value, and ensure that your home is ready for later life. However, an entire new kitchen, although more expensive, can add closer to five thousand to the value of your property.


  1. Great tips! If you watch Love It or List It on Channel 4, you will get more tips x

  2. Moving house is eye wateringly expensive so improving is a good option, instead. I love the idea of a loft conversion.

  3. Thanks for these tips,not long moved home x

  4. Yes and moving house is so expensive these days which is very offputting!

  5. I've got improvements planned, one I had hoped I wouldn't need for years yet, but it's got to be done. I'm going to get a stairlift. Stupid MS and backpain from spondylosis. So, I'm waiting to see if the council will help, which would be very handy, and bought a new carpet, so that's ready to go in, and chosen the colours for walls and woodwork. But first I'm waiting for the gas meter to be moved it's just too close to the bottom of the stairs. There's always something. Still, it will be much more convenient than moving. I do love this house.

  6. thankyou for the tips i like the idea of converting the garage into another room! x

  7. Elizm13:45

    I've never been very good at home improvement but the tips are helpful


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