Living Through A Renovation

One of the most exciting things that you can do when you own your home is to renovate. Not only is it exciting, it’s incredibly stressful, and even when construction runs exactly as it should, the worst thing about it is that you’re living through that building site. The movement of contractors in and out of your home is a huge inconvenience - even though you paid for that inconvenience!

So, you need to work out how to live through a renovation. From the fact that you may have to pack up half your house and put it into self storage, to the rental home you need to find when you have no hot water or heat, it’s a big job. With this in mind, let’s look at three tips for helping you to live through your renovation until the end of it!

Tip 1: Move Out Of The Space
While it is nice to live in your home through a renovation and get it all done and continue on, it’s not always easy. However, you don't have to move out of the house, just the space where the renovation is happening. So, if the bedroom is being done, get everything into storage and live in the other half of the house. This way, you can continue on living comfortably without any of the stress of the dust getting over all of your things. You can also ensure that you are using things that you need without worrying about having to rent somewhere else! 

Tip 2: Prepare As Much As You Can
When you buy a renovation plan, you already know what you want to happen. You work with the builders and contractors and you know what the end result is going to be. Planning and preparing this renovation takes time, and so you need to declutter the house and tidy things away that you don't want to get ruined and you need to move as much as you can into storage. 

Tip 3: Just Breathe
You really need to make sure that this isn’t a stressful thing to do - even though it will be. Destressing is not always easy to do when the house is upside down, but you need to get through this renovation and that means taking it easy. Follow the plan you made with your contractors and watch the renovation unfold, ready to move on with life when it’s all finished. Breathing through this will help you to trust that the mess is all for a reason and you’ll get the renovation of your dreams completed.

In the end, you can get all of your stuff out of storage and back in the right places. You may even be able to go through another cull of your belongings, too, so that you can know that you’ve got everything you need in one place. Renovating your home is going to take time, so carve it out and make sure that you can be there through it all!


  1. All so acutely observed! It is much more stressful than most people anticipate so your just breathe advice is critical.

  2. All very true! Trying to escape from the dust and muck is the biggest nightmare. It's like trying to hoover up glitter after Christmas, a never ending job!

  3. Youve hit the nail on the head - hopefully mine eill go smoothly

  4. Very good observations x

  5. Great tips here, as there are a few things that need doing in our home.

  6. Not had a full renovation but new central heating, that is bad enough!

  7. We are currently in mid of renovating, although hubby a builder so trying to do more at night. Some good tips


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