Melvin Brewing Beer - A Style That Stands Out

Now, I'm not usually a big drinker. I'm very fussy when it comes to alcohol, an alcohol-snob you may call me. But if I do drink, I need to be able to taste the quality of it. Not just some mass produced can that doesn't stand out against the bore of the rest on the supermarket shelf.

When it comes to different types of beer, I love a good quality lager, an IPA or Pale Ale really. And there are so many to try on the market at the moment. But, if it comes down to the design, then Melvin Brewing would win every time, hands down.

The pattern, the design, the fact that you can look at each can and know just what flavours you will get inside, it makes me want to try every single one of them. Created in 2009, Melvin Brewing has been going from strength to strength, winning awards for their drinks as they go, and extending their range along the way. 

Here are a few of the range that I think would make the ideal drinks for those who want to try something a bit different. 

Melvin IPA
It’s all about the right hops, at the right time and Melvin IPA has that in bags. A fruity and intense drink, but without the bitter taste. With so many awards under its belt, this 7.5% ABV drink is perfect for those wanting to try a new IPA. 

2x4 Double IPA
For a high hitter, the 2x4 Double IPA could be the best 10% ABV drink in the world. Strong, and not for the weak hearted, this drink is ideal when you want to taste that strong alcohol content.  

A crisp & refreshing Mexican style lager is something that a lot of us Brits love. It is bright and clean, and the 5% ABV means it's okay for a day session. 

Killer Bees American Blonde Ale
Clean, smooth, with tastes of honey. The ideal palette cleanser. And it's low in alcohol, but high in enjoyment. Perfect if you're a blonde ale lover. 

And if you don't know which ale that you'd like, then make sure you read about each one to see the flavours, the bite, and what each one offers. All great beers taste of malt and hops to a varying degree. And on top of that, a good ale has a little fruitiness, tastes clean and malty and should be refreshing. 

But on the whole, if you want one that is less harsh, a lower alcohol content would be better for you, but if you want one that packs a punch, then a higher ABV is the way to go.


  1. Something new for me to try - soinds great

  2. Sound great! Might give it a try!

  3. They sound really good! Certainly better than the so called "craft" beers, most of which are truly awful!

  4. Love the sound of these x

  5. A new brand to me but the designs on the cans are fabulous. I love the look of the Heyzeus Mexican style lager for a refreshing drink.

  6. Still need to try these x

  7. Like the sound of these, be good to try them


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