Setting Up A Small Business At Home

Working from home can create that flexibility we all crave, in how you spend your time and make your money. It can give you freedom to work the hours you want, to suit your needs and life without the 9-5. But it isn't a quick process and it doesn't guarantee financial success, and sometimes it doesn't work at all.

My first website has been running for 8 years now, and it hasn't been without its ups and downs, with threats to pack it all in, and wanting to ignore every email I receive, but hard work and perseverance pays off in the end, and now I run two websites.

To create a home-based business with a solid core foundation and earning potential to make it worthwhile, you'll need to invest not only money, but time and resources too, into identifying the right business for you.

Register Yourself
Most businesses register as a sole trader, but you can also be a limited company or partnership depending on what your business it. It's also important to note that you may also need licences or permits, for example to play music or sell food, and you might even insurance for certain businesses. And make sure you're compliant with things such as following GDPR practices at all times. 

Find The Space
Make sure this is one of the first things you think about. Craft businesses can take up a hell of a lot of space, and food ones might mean upgrading your area to comply with current regulations. And it's not just the items themselves. All the machinery or assets your business has will need their own spaces. If you're a craft business, then you have to think of where you'll store everything. From your 'for sale' items, to sublimation designs and all the equipment you need to do your crafts. 

You need to think about when you store your business assets, and if you're posting items, eco-friendly packaging solutions are a good idea but will take up space too. So make sure you have all the necessary space set up before you start. 

Get An Online Presence
Having an online presence is so important nowadays. Getting your business social media pages is probably one of the most important things as it means you can advertise to a whole new range of people, and gets your product seen by hundreds, if not thousands, with just a few social posts. If you offer postage then this is even better as it means you could end up with worldwide orders filling your books.

Believe In Yourself
Self belief is such an important thing when it comes to a new venture as you need to believe that you can succeed. Start off on the right footing, and get yourself ready for a new business that could be the making of you. 


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  3. Our box room makes a perfect home office. You do need a place where you can shut yourself away from being disturbed!

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