Blogging Isn't As Easy As It Looks


As someone who has been blogging for nearly 8 years now, I have had my share of people who just don't get it at all, and even my repeated explanations does nothing to help them understand. I usually get the response 'I should start a blog as you're always getting free stuff' and it just makes me wonder just how inappropriate some people can be. You wouldn't say that to anyone in any other profession, so why mine? I can tell you something right now, blogging ain't easy.

It's not just a case of signing up with Blogspot, Wordpress, or another site and off you go. If you want to make a real go of it, being an influencer, reviewing and getting paid blogging opportunities, then it takes time to build up to it. You have to work at it and understand that you may put in a lot of work at the beginning for little return.

And it costs too. I have to pay for a lot of things that you wouldn't even notice when you click onto my blog. My URL costs me a yearly fee, social sharing applications and scheduling tools also cost to use. All of these, even before I've made any money. 

It's a case of getting out what you put in. 

Start Writing
Now writing is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to blogging and it's probably the easiest part of what you need to do. Just write from the heart, write about what you feel, what you're doing, where you're going, whatever you want to really. Try to think of your niche and what you can bring to blogging. and go from there. You may then be contacted by companies who want you to write about them. This brings us to the advertising aspect of blogging.

The Many Ways Of Advertising
There are many ways a blogger might use advertising to gain revenue - from hosting guest content, writing sponsored posts about a certain topic, and doing paid reviews. You can also opt to have sidebar adverts which is a great way of earning passive income. The are also websites, such as Get Blogged, that gives you the option to apply for opportunities that might fit your blog, and get paid for writing posts. 

If you are a writer and want to do more than blog, then you could consider Amazon ads for authors, but again, you'll want to learn all about them and how they can help to you grow. The placement, targeting, cost and the analytics of running them are all questions you might have. It is good to have a knowledge of this stuff though as it may be needed in the future. 

Social Content
Bloggers usually have great social media channels too, the best at the moment being Instagram, where you can get quite a bit of paid advertising. You just need to be careful when running solely a social blog, as that page is never really fully owned by yourself and can be shut down at any time. Also, paid work from a SEO perspective is more lucrative when you own a blog as you get your own stats, site and properties, unlike a social page. 

Everything In Between
The hard parts are usually the bits that the reader cannot see, and these are usually the things that take up the most time. The back end of the blog can be quite complex when you first start out, but you end up learning a whole range of new topics. Learning how to code, setting up keywords and figuring out what the heck SEO is. And then it comes to doing a bit of admin such as trawling the mounds of emails I get form people asking me to work for free. You wouldn't ask someone in a shop to work for free. So why do so many people think it's okay to ask bloggers to do unpaid work?


  1. Interesting! Thanks for the input!

  2. It doesn't look easy at all. Rather audacious of anyone to ask a blogger - or anyone - to work for free. I enjoy reading your varied posts. Wishing you continued success.

  3. You such an amazing job and make it seem so easy - well done

  4. A very interesting post, thank you. I really wouldn't have the time to do all that! I admire people that do...

  5. I've never thought it was easy! It's so time consuming and you leave yourself open to the trolls all of the time

  6. It's definitely not,

    I tried it once and did find it very difficult to juggle with my full time job. I think it's something you really have to invest in if you want to do it.

  7. I've wanted to start a blog for ages, the coding put me off!

  8. It is quite involved ! More than most people would imagine I think. Well done for having such a professional business.

  9. Not sure I could do it but have been tempted to try.

  10. I used to blog so totally get you with this. I found it too much effort to keep up at the time, so admire you for doing it for so many years!

  11. Very interesting!


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