Get more out of your garden this summer! Tips for 2020


It’s almost time to pack your hot water bottles and fleeces back into the cupboard… Spring is on its way! You might be ready, but is your garden? Now is the time to get those projects out of your head and actually into fruition – the sunnier, lighter, warmer months have almost arrived. Thank goodness!

If you’ve not even started to think of ideas, stick around and we’ll inspire you with some purse-friendly, simple yet effective solutions.

Give that fence a lick of paint
No matter its current colour, your fence is a blank canvas and can be treated as such. You’d be very surprised to find how much your garden area can be positively transformed with just an hour of your time, and a pot of paint. Brighter tones such as yellow and orange will provide a stunning backdrop for your green grass and red roses, but you don’t have to choose eccentricity if it’s not to your liking.

Maria Killam offers great guidance when it comes to picking the right colour for your garden fence. BONUS TIP: Please don’t forget to fix your fence before painting it, if needs be. The UK has been continuously hit with some devastating weather this winter, and what’s the point of having a pretty fence if it’s lopsided?

Plant things!
Okay, this idea definitely deserves a bit more context… Or does it? It’s your garden. Plant whatever you wish.

Naturally, we’d recommend gorgeous plants or fresh veggies over, say, a body (eek!) but our point is; the warmer months are the perfect time to get your fingers green. Not only is it a fantastic little pastime and a way to enjoy the sunshine, it’s also a really simple yet powerful way to transform your garden.

Bring your patio furniture back to life
Regardless of what you’ve done with your outdoor furniture during winter – packed it away in the shed or covered it with tarpaulin – the chances are, it’ll all need a good clean and sprucing up.

This simple DIY job can be covered in a single weekend, and totally worth it. Bring out your BBQ, table, chairs, sun loungers, and whatever else you’ve painfully gone without during the wintertime, and get cleaning!

Of course, we advise that you do this only when the warmer months have officially settled in. Imagine spending all that time restoring your furniture, only to have another Storm Dennis pop along?

Focus on the overall exterior of your home
So, now you’ve transformed your garden area, but what about the rest of it?

Is there really any point in having a first class garden if your brickwork needs repointing; the paint jobs outdated and there are missing tiles on the roof? Once your garden looks the way you want it to in spring 2020, it’s time to bring out the big guns.

Even if you are a skilled and passionate Do-It-Yourselfer, please don’t forget that fixing your roof and messing around with the structure of your property can be a dangerous and time-consuming job, so it’s usually best to rely on a local, experienced roofing company to do it for you.

Findley Roofing is a Newcastle roofing contractor, boasting teams all over the North East who help people to transform their gardens using their roof on a daily basis. They even offer free roof inspections and quotes!


  1. Great tips thanks!

  2. Very sensible tips, as always. I have just done my first weed and prune of the Spring and it has inspired me to get to the garden centre to look for a few more plants. Yes, I must tidy up the fence, too!

  3. Gosh I cannot wait for summer - i never make use of my garden. I'm going to try and get lots done in it this year

  4. I absolutely love gardening tips! Thank you, roll on the summer.

  5. We have lots of bee friendly plants in the garden, and have fruit bushes and mini fruit trees mixed in with them!

  6. Love love love - cant wIt to restore my garden to full beauty

  7. I find it very therapeutic, I am not the best but it is my work!!

  8. looking forward to getting the garden in order this year

  9. We are getting our garden ready for planting veg in the back and flowers in the front garden

  10. Now that we're all stuck at home, this is the ideal time to get our gardens looking nice.

  11. Some good tips! Been making the most of our time out in the garden during lockdown and getting it looking great for the summer months.


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