How to light your child’s bedroom

Bedroom lighting tends to follow similar guidelines, but when it comes to your child’s bedroom, there are a few different angles you should consider. If you would like to learn how to light your child’s bedroom in a way that is safe, fun and stylish, keep reading!

How to light your child’s bedroom: safety first!
Now when it comes to your children, their safety will be at the forefront of everything you do. So, when it comes to their lighting, you have to think with the same perspective. Before you can think about style, you must always think about how implementing certain lighting into your child’s bedroom will impact their wellbeing. In other words, nothing that’s easy to get hold of and no loose wires!

Daytime is playtime
Before we move onto electrical lighting options, you must consider natural light. From easy to open blinds that don’t interfere with how the light enters the room, to adding mirrors (securely fastened and out of reach) that will bounce that light, you can use natural light to create a bright space!

Something many parents struggle with is bedtime. But how can your children unwind at the end of a hyperactive day if their bedroom is bright with ceiling lighting? Create evening ambience with dimmable light switches and layering lamps. If you invest in smart lighting, you can even control the dimmer as the evening draws on, switching them off completely once your little ones are asleep!

With lamps, it would be wise to invest in durable options. A bedside lamp may be knocked over in the night, so a wooden base that is harder to kick and less likely to break would be ideal. And if you need a lampshade ideal for bedtime, choose one that is light but mostly opaque.

Want to add some fun to your children’s bulbs! What’s their favourite colour? If you want lighting that fits in with the colour scheme of the bedroom, you can buy coloured bulbs! Whether your child loves pink, green, blue or even rainbow-like schemes, there is a coloured bulb for that.


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