Why You Should Buy Swimwear At The Start Of The Season


We go away abroad every year. And every time it comes to holiday shopping, I try to buy early as it means I get positives, for lots of reasons. I mean, many people tend to wait right up until they're about to hop onto the plane to actually buy their swimwear, but in my experience, this is often the worst time to buy. 

In fact, waiting so long to purchase your swimwear can mean having to settle for something you didn't really want. Whereas, if you start your holiday shopping at the start of the Spring/Summer season, you'll be certain to get that swimsuit that you've been lusting after. 

There are also some other reasons why buying at the start of the season is the best time, and so here are a few reasons why I think you should do this too.

There's Plenty Of Stock
If you've waited till the last minute to buy swimwear before, then you'll know just how disheartening it can be when you start to look and realise that all the styles you like are either out of stock, or don't have your size available. So, if you're looking for a bikini, get ahead of the game buy purchasing early whilst all choices are new and available in every size. 

There Is So Much More Choice
I find that swimwear disappears from stores quickly, and so if you're looking for a particular style of triangle bikini or bathing suit, the earlier you buy, the more choice there is. Getting your swimwear ahead of time means that you can choose one that you really like. I mean, if you're wanting a push-up bikini top with coordinating bottoms, then buying early will give you so many more options, especially when it comes to mix and match swimwear. 

You'll Find Better Deals
Usually when new stock comes out, stores will have a early bird sale on, to get their message out there about the new range. For instance, if you want to stock up your suitcase with new swimwear, beach outfits and board shorts, you can use my 10% off Protest discount code: athome10 which is valid until 30th June 2020.

You'll Always Be Summer Ready
Let's be real here, the Summer weather in the UK can hit us anywhere from about May till August, and if you're not planning on buying your swimwear till the actual Summer, then you could be missing out on all those months of wear. 

No Stress In The Summer
No one wants to be scouring the shops last minute for a bikini that isn't really to their taste, but they've had to settle with because stock is non-existent, so why put yourself through all that stress? Be proactive at the start of the season and get your whole Summer swimwear sorted. That way you don't have to worry about finding something, waiting for delivery, and making sure it fits right, at the last minute. 

Give yourself that peace of mind this year, and be prepared for the Summer season by getting all your swim essentials early, ready for when that first day of Summer hits.


  1. Lovely styles thanks!

  2. Agree completely. It is always wise to buy early to get exactly what you want.

  3. My wife always buys a one piece as soon as the weather starts picking up, like any time soon!

  4. Tess D13:29

    great tip - always end up with whats left rather that what I was looking for exactly

  5. Unless... you are continuing to lose weight & end up with someting too big

  6. Anonymous13:54

    It's so much easier being a bloke. Swim shorts all they way - Pete


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