At Home Fashion With Femme Luxe

Just because we are having to stay home at the moment due to the Covid-19 doesn't mean we shouldn't be taking care of ourselves mentally and physically too. Sitting at home in our pj's might sound ideal, at first, but after 11 week,s that sense of same-ness becomes hard to handle, and I think it's so important to get up and get dressed and ready for the day, as this brings that sense of normality to everything.

But when I say getting dressed, this doesn't necessarily mean to get a full face of make up on, high heels and going out gear, I just mean getting dressed in general, and Femme Luxe have a whole range of gorgeous loungewear and comfy t-shirts to choose from. 

I work from home anyway so know just how hard being at home all the time can be. And how you just want to bury your head in the sand, stick on your comfy pj's and stuff your face, but it's really not good for you health to do this. You need to get up an prepare, like you would any normal working day. 

For me, oversized t-shirts are great to wear at home as they always come with funky patterns or slogans, I especially love the 'Stay Connected' one above as it's a great reminder that we need to talk to each other, and can connect in many ways online. 

Plus, when it comes to what to wear, t-shirts can match with most outfits. I mean, if you want to be comfy then you can pair with leggings, or if you're popping out, then you can opt to wear jeans or a skirt, and a t-shirt will always match in well. I also like these t-shirts for whilst I'm in the garden doing yoga as they are comfy to wear and are nice material which allows the skin to breathe.

But what I'm loving at the moment, is loungewear sets. You might think of loungewear as trackies, and boring, but they're really not. There are so many styles, and colours to choose from, and I love mixing them up a bit. So you could go for a khaki cropped set, and mix the top up with a pair of black leggings from another set. It's really up to you how you wear them. 

Whilst working from home, it's important to be comfortable, but sensible and make sure to actually get dresses for work. But for me, wearing loungewear and comfy clothes means I can easily pop out as I'm dressed, and am comfortable to sit at my desk all day. 


  1. Love the stay connected tee!

  2. My wife wears over sized T shirts, usually my old ones, for wearing around the house and cleaning, gardening etc.

  3. I really like the grey set

  4. fiona d13:59

    Have to be honest I've mostly worn my pjs, though the better weather brought out a couple of summer dresses just went for comfort

  5. Anonymous08:21

    Margaret Clarkson
    Thank you so much for showcasing these great pieces.


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