3 Way To Keep Your Mind Busy

It's safe to say that it's been a tremendously challenging few month, as people struggle with the realities that we've spent a whole half a year stuck at home, and things don't seem to be picking up that much. Things can start to pile on top of us, and make us feel closed in, so it's important to keep yourself busy during this period. 

It's been a long time, and during this, people have took to social media to talk about the ways they have kept busy - baking, TikTok-ing, and a lot of eating has been done, but these don't always help keep your mind busy, and so I thought I'd write about the 3 things I do that keep my mind busy, which is especially needed at this time.

Start a blog
As most of you probably know, this is my second blog, this one has been running since 2018. My first blog started in 2012 and has been my lifeline a lot of the time. When I felt down, I wrote about it, when pregnant, I wrote about it. In fact, anything that happened in my life, I wrote about. Writing about your personal experiences can help improve your mood, boost happiness, and help you find catharsis during a time of trouble or stress. Write about your love of jumpers if you want, anything to keep your mind busy, pass the time, and give others perspective. 

What's more a lot of us are probably going through the same thing at the moment, and it's great to read posts, talking about how we're not alone in feeling this way. Writing about your lock-down experience during this time can help decrease your anxiety and increase your mental well-being as it becomes a realisation that it's happening to everyone at the same time. 

It could end up becoming something you love and continue to do as we come out of lockdown, a career even. Even now, I am working on collaborations, such as this post with Femme Luxe, showing off their gorgeous range of loungewear that is perfect for wearing at home, and whilst out. 

Organise Your Home
If you home is anything like mine, it is packed full of your whole life, some things that haven't been used, worn, or seen in months, or even years. I mean, most of us have at least one dress that we know we'll never wear again or a pair of jeans that just don't fit the way they used to but just don't want to get rid of. I mean, we're probably all in joggers at the moment, and have noticed that those fancy dresses just don't get used. So now is the perfect time to declutter your house, and get rid of those things that wont be used again. Either pass them onto friends and family (from a safe distance), donate them to charity or at the very least, find your nearest clothing bank and recycle. You could even sell them to make a profit for yourself. 

Meditation works in so many wonderful ways. It eases your mind, gives your brain some space, let's you have some time to yourself and just be one with yourself. But it is also great for your body too. Meditation can be a lifelong calling, and something you continue to do once this is all over. Start out by doing some easy poses and slowly work your way into harder ones. You'll eventually be doing the hard poses, getting fitter, and giving your mind that chance to really think about yourself. 


  1. I do try and declutter but am too attached to things and end up putting them all back

  2. Great ideas thanks! I need them now more than ever!

  3. Sally Collingwood14:29

    Some great ideas!

  4. Great ideas, now that the kids are back to school, I have to really think hard of things to do when I dont have work. Great ideas.

  5. Anonymous16:27

    Margaret Clarkson
    Good ideas, thank you.


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