How To Create A Low Maintenance Garden

At the moment, with most of us being stuck at home for the most part of the year, it really makes you look at your home, and realise just what needs sorting, and what isn't getting used. For us, it was out garden. We have a fairly good sized garden, but since it hasn't been changed since before we moved in over 10 years ago, it is just a boring garden with mostly grass and some old patio area which is all uneven. 

So, we decided that the next part of our house to tackle, would be the garden. I mean, we have patio doors that lead outside, and it would just be great to go out and sit outdoors in the sun, enjoy BBQ's out there, and just enjoy that space, that we rarely use. You could use the help of TruGreen FL to get your garden looking at its best, but below, I'm giving a few ideas to keep your garden low maintenance so you can always enjoy that bit of outside space you have. 

For us though, the problem we have, is time. Gardens can look amazing but can take a lot of time maintaining them, so I looked for some garden landscaping ideas that will give us an amazing looking garden, but will be easy to maintain. And here they are...

Give Turf A Chance
Now, don't be put off with this one. I've always said I want real grass, but since going to my sisters, who has artificial grass, it has really made me think about how amazing this can look. Nowadays, there are so many to choose from, some which look just like real grass, and so it's definitely and option for us. This can be a good choice also if you have kids that still want to have an area to run around and play. What's more, there is little to no maintenance. No need to fertilise, weed, water or mow.

No Need To Strim
Being honest here, I hate my grass because I absolutely detest strimming around the edges of it. Cutting grass is easy, but strimming is just a pain, to get every part level, not damage your fence and to make it look tidy. We'll be having edging down the side of our fence which we'll grow flowers in, that will sit alongside our grassed area. Strimming can be really annoying when cutting grass and so we'll be fitting a piece of lumber into the ground which separates the two areas. Not only does this make the area look more professional, and tidy, but it rules out the need to strim the edge of the grass. Win, win! 

Have A Decked Area
A decked area turns your garden into an extension of your living space. It provides a space that is neat and tidy and you can add a patio furniture set so that you can actually use your outdoor space. What's more, wooden decking is easy to keep clean and you'll never get weeds growing through, so it saves time in the future. Decking is also great because it is so low maintenance. Usually it will need restaining on a yearly basis to protect it from the elements, but apart from that, you're good to go.   

Flowers All Season Long
Something that usually puts me off having flowers, is the Winter season when flowers seems to die out, and you're left with empty pots, and a boring looking garden. But did you know that if you want to have beautiful gardens all season, it's just a case of choosing the right flowers. With different blooming seasons, you can have colour all year round. 

When it does come to adding flowers, it's good to mix and match different sizes and colours of flowers for the best impact and flowers that attract bees are always important. And there are some flowers may require a little bit more maintenance than others, so keep an eye out for low-maintenance flowers.


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