The Subtle Art of Improving Yourself: Building on a Solid Foundation

While so many people feel they need to get on the self-improvement bandwagon, it's about finding the right balance. Learning to improve yourself is far better when you are able to build upon a solid foundation. Take your home, for example. In order to truly turn it into a place you are happy with, it's got to have a solid structure in the first place. And so if you can improve your home, why can’t you improve yourself? But learning to improve yourself is a swift combination of routine, kindness, and compassion towards yourself. What can we all do to cultivate this?

Dress Like the Person You Want to Be
When we take a look at ourselves in the mirror and we feel that there are things we are not too happy with, partly it's to do with our own insecurities. If you want to be a different person, this is not necessarily the best approach. But one way we can split the difference is to dress like the person that we want to be. When you change your exterior through things that you can control, such as your fashion choices, this can send the right message to your subconscious. While many people decide to really go for it and get under the knife, it's never a good idea because there is no guarantee of undoing this, or even if they will be happy as a result. This is where you can change your fashion and experiment to find a look that you are happy with that also communicates the right message to the outside world. If you feel that you've got more to give in a professional sense, think about dressing for more power. Or if you are not being taken seriously as an intelligent woman, think about those little signals that can stimulate a person's subconscious. This is something many people don't think about, but as something as simple as a pair of glasses that you can get from https://www.eyeglasses.com/ will slowly alter people's perceptions. And this is the one way to make a positive statement. When you dress like the person you want to be, you need to start doing it gradually rather than strolling in the office Monday morning looking like someone else. This is especially true if you are in an environment where you don't feel you are being taken seriously or being perceived as the person you want to be. While changing your exterior isn't a deep-rooted way to alter your perception, it's a concerted way to send the right message to others. One day, you may catch yourself in the mirror and have a better opinion of yourself.

Fuelling Yourself Properly
Everybody has their own opinion on how to function properly. There's so much information out there that it can leave the message muddled and confusing. If you want to give yourself the energy to function properly, you've got to learn to listen to yourself and no one else. This means becoming aware of our body and mind. We can find ourselves going through life on autopilot but then encounter situations where we finally wake up to things around us. This means that fuelling ourselves isn't just about eating the right diet for our needs and getting adequate sleep, but it's also about stimulating ourselves appropriately. When we learn to improve ourselves in our minds, we can use tactics to increase our comprehension and focus. Something like speed reading is a very good example. But in order to do it properly, you have got to learn how to focus first. But in order to learn how to focus, we've got to understand our mental weaknesses. If we don't focus properly because of brain fog due to a poor lifestyle, it goes back to giving ourselves the right fuel. It can seem like a never-ending cycle of trial and error but when we find the right things that fuel ourselves, we will function the way we were meant to.

Stop Trying to Please Others When You Need to Please Yourself
Something we're all guilty of in this social media landscape is feeling that necessity to keep people updated. While there's plenty of literature out there that highlights the harmful effects of social media, the most difficult thing for many people is to get off it in the first place. But this is where a digital detox can help. There is a guide on https://www.verywellmind.com/ to get you started. When we step away from social media and don't feel that overwhelming urge to see what other people are up to, it provides a wonderful sense of clarity. It's important in this modern world that we learn how to appreciate ourselves first. This is not being selfish, but it's about learning to remember that if we want to help others, we have to help ourselves first. If you get up in the morning and the first thing you do is check your phone, this is a habit that needs to be broken. The movie The Social Dilemma on Netflix is certainly an eye-opener and you should check it out. When you finally take the opportunity to use social media for the right things but also not let it take over your life, it can help you to understand other aspects of your life more important. If you can look back on your life now and see that you've been checking social media for 10 years, what would you do differently? Would you get rid of your social media accounts? When we stop that urge to post for the benefit of others and look at what is good for us, this will open our minds in numerous ways.

Stop Criticizing Yourself
We live in a time where everybody's features are on display and, unfortunately, open to criticism. And this can fuel our desires to critique ourselves. But learning to improve ourselves is about being kind. If you want to be kind to others you've got to be kind to yourself first. It's so easy to be caught up in a negative frame of mind which can hinder our motivation in other aspects of our lives. If you are constantly telling yourself that you aren't worth it, you will believe it. Positive self-talk is something that many people do to retrain themselves. And if we find ourselves feeling empty or negative, saying confident statements out loud can slowly start to turn the tide. It's hard to catch ourselves in the act of thinking negatively, but you can achieve significant changes with practice. Because our brain is programmed to react to what we tell ourselves, this is why people get caught up in the act of negative thinking because they believe it. When you start to apply the opposite stimulus, this can also have the opposite effect.

Learning to improve ourselves is about taking it slow. Finding the right balance to head in the right direction is far more achievable when you put one or two components in place rather than overhauling everything. When you start to think of yourself as a foundation to build upon, this can free your mind. Whether you want to change how you look to make yourself feel better or think about how you feel, learning to focus on self-care and reducing self-criticism are big tasks. But we shouldn't be put off by them. Each challenge is worth it because it will take us in the right direction and improve our lives. Learning to improve yourself is not about looking at yourself and saying you are inadequate. But it's about learning to understand that you can optimise yourself in many ways to live an existence that will make you feel happier in yourself.


  1. Anonymous16:38

    Margaret Clarkson
    Good advice, thank you.

  2. That is a very good post. Luckily, I've never been bothered about what others think of me, and never just go with the flow unless I want to....

  3. I was more self concious as a teenager but now I don't care what others think!

  4. Stop Trying to Please Others When You Need to Please Yourself - so true, I definitely do this

  5. The older I get and more I have learned to accept myself as I am.


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