What To Wear To Make You Feel Sexy

You've probably heard this a hundred times but there truly is nothing sexier than confidence. 

You look online at models who talk about body positivity, self care and being yourself, and they're oozing with confidence. It's not always about the clothing that they're wearing, or how much skin they're showing, but it's down to how they feel in themselves, and how that comes across. 

And, to clarify for this post, dressing 'sexy' does not always mean showing lots of skin or dressing for a male fantasy. Dressing sexy means wearing clothes that make you feel sexy in your self, which often ends up showing off the confidence to every one else. Whether it's a beautiful dress, a top that is just your perfect style, or new lingerie, clothing can really help to boost your confidence.

From a young age, most women are taught to aspire to sexiness for the men in your life. We get articles in magazines and online, all touting the best way to dress to score a partner, to turn heads, tutorials on how to show off your sexiness, and even tips for acting as sexy as possible once you've gotten the man of your dreams into the bedroom. 

Lingerie, or a beautiful sheer dress is frequently encouraged in these posts, but then again, readers are regularly warned against showing off too much skin, trying too hard, or crossing the line into perceived promiscuity. So, I guess there's an argument to say that no matter what we wear, we will be judged. Which is why this post is about sexiness in your self and not for everyone else. People can think what they like, but it's what you think that matters the most. 

But sexiness doesn't need to be a quality that a woman shows off in order to seduce a partner. It doesn't need to be a tightrope that women walk between appearing to be too prudish or too slutty. Feeling sexy doesn't need to be for anyone but yourself. And it can be good for your health mentally too. 

I'm sure we've all put on an outfit that just made you feel smoking hot - you know, the one that gives that oozing sexiness feeling on the inside - whatever sexy looks like for you anyway - that is what can really boost your confidence.

So screw those lists of tips that claim expertise on what sexy means and looks like. Sexy is what you should feel on the inside, screw what anyone else thinks....

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