A Year in Lockdown – The Positives I've Experienced

Oh how a year has changed things so much. This time last year I was planning holidays to Spain and Mexico, to experience other cultures and explore new countries. Little did I know that the whole world would some to a stand still, and we'd be going nowhere for the foreseeable. Isn't it hard to believe that a year ago life was going to change for us in a way that none of us could have predicted? 

Within a couple of weeks, the country was put into a national lockdown, to stop the spread of Covid, and I don't think any of us assumed that, a year later, we would be coming out of yet another lockdown.  I have my fingers tightly crossed that this is the last of the lockdowns needs now that the vaccinations are being rolled out.

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And although lockdown, and the whole world being stuck at a stand still has been so tough to endure, we have to think of the positives that have come out of it, and the perks. I'm also looking at how it has hopefully changed my life for the better. 

Here are a few of the positives that I've experiences during the past year of lockdowns.

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Realising My Worth
Although I have mentioned on the social media of my Yorkshire Mummy profile, I have't really spoke about it all about that much. During the second lockdown of 2020, I realised that I no longer wanted to put myself at the bottom of the pile, and came to terms with the fact that my marriage was no longer working. 

So in November of last year, I separated from my partner, and now it's my 3 children and I. It's actually been a really good adjustment, the boys have taken it in their stride, and I am so much happier in myself. This month has seen even more changes as I filed for divorce, so by the end of this year, I should be divorced, and back to my maiden name. 

Spending Time As A Family
Now, I've always spent time with my boys, but since we've basically spent the best part of a year stuck at home, we've gotten to spend a whole lot more time together and it has been bliss. We've tried to get outdoors most days and have spent hours down the Leeds Liverpool Canal and at local parks too, exploring our local area since we're not allowed to travel. As we were forced to stay in though as much as possible, we've had a good balance of the boys playing with their friends online and them teaching me how to play their games too so we can all join in together. 

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Wearing Comfy Clothes
Before lockdown, I spent most of my days out and about, so would always be in jeans, or something at least better dressed. Not anymore though. During lockdown, my love of loungewear has really come out, and since I'm home, I can wear it most days. I've learnt that life is too short to wear uncomfy clothing. I have worked with Femme Luxe so much over the past couple of years, and their loungewear and comfy clothing have really pulled it out of the bag during this lockdown. 

Every single person I know has been baking. From banana bread to cakes and buns, which came at a cost as the whole country ran out of flour and eggs. As someone who has always loved to baked, thanks to my mum being a baker, I always had a flare for wanting to try new bakes. Last year saw me try out a new apple cake recipe which the boys absolutely loved. 

Is there any positives you've experienced during the lockdown? If so I'd love to hear about it in the comments below...


  1. Family time has been very important to us too.

  2. I have loved the extra time I have had with my children

  3. We got all the DIY jobs and other things done to the house. Had the boiler replaced and a new garage door. We've cleaned every cupboard inside and out! Got to redecorate the kitchen and bathroom next....

  4. Family time has been a real bonus - also taking time to go for walks has even a healthy habit we have all adopted here too. And buying less.

  5. I've been going out for walks more and managed to bump into people that I haven't catched up with for a while. So good to see how they are going on.

  6. I have found a lot of positives, but ready for it to end now.

  7. Not really, no. It's been a nightmare.

  8. Still been working, but from home, managed to get a walk in with my dogs every morning - really helps with my back so there are some positives. Really miss my family though...

  9. Family time is so important and it is good to see that many families are getting some positives out of this dreadful situation.


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