Tips To Dating During Lockdown

When it comes to dating, it can be hard work to work out what works best for you. And now we've thrown a pandemic into the mix, this can make it duper difficult to actually find, and have a date. But I'm here to work through some ways you can date during lockdown, during Covid restrictions, and that's with the help of online dating.

Online dating has really come to the forefront of the dating scene these past few years. This is because it's fairly easy to set up, gives instant results, and can show you more about a person, than just meeting someone in the pub.

First of all though, you need to set up your profile correctly.
  • Your profile photos should be recent, decent quality and feature you only.
  • Keep the background in photos generic. Don't be giving away any location clues in them. 
  • If you are on Instagram as a personal profile, keep your settings private. 
  • If you use SnapChat, make sure location setting are turned off. 
  • Be truthful. There is no point lying, as it will come out in the end, and a relationship built on a lie, will just not work. 
  • Keep it brief. No one wants your life story to read through. A few facts about yourself, what you do, what you like, should suffice.

Use the right site for you
There are many dating sites out there. Ones for if you're single, bi, gay, or have any other sexual preference. Make sure, when you're looking at dating sites, that you sign up to the right one for you. You may be looking for femdom dating sites if that's your thing, or even the opposite, if you are a lover of being dominated. You can even look for ones that are location based, and so you can just input, mistresses near me, and it will show people in your area. Finding people who are like-minded can really help boost self-esteem too as you may realise that there are more people into the same things as you. 

Ways to have online dates?!

Video dates
Though first dates didn't typically used to occur in your own home, it has become increasingly popular to go on virtual dates with others from right from your own sitting room. To differentiate this Zoom call from others, you can try to make it as date like a possible. Plan to cook the same meal so you can both sit down and enjoy it together, even though you're apart. Have a Watch Party and watch a funny film to break the ice. You can even use the likes of Houseparty and have a quiz night, which is always fun. 

Keep it playful
While important conversations play a major role in laying the foundations of a relationship, in the early days, it is super important to keep things playful and not too heavy. Every now and then ask your date what they like to do for fun. Okay, most things need to be done in 'real life' but things have changed in 2020 when the pandemic hit, and we found ourselves doing a lot more online. Do they play online games, run a website, follow a favourite meme social media group. It's always good to learn the fun things, as well as the more serious parts of someones life. 

Building intimacy while socially distanced
While many equate intimacy with touch, it can be totally be nurtured in other forms as well, without the need to even be in the same room as one another. Basic human behaviours such as eye contact, having open conversations and laughter are all ways us as individuals connect to each other from a distance.

Now, I know dating ideally would be more spontaneous in person, having encounters you didn't expect, it is so important to take into account the uncertainty of our current situation and make the most of the time you have at home. Use these tips to innovate your dating life and grow new relationships during this stretch of unpredictability.

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