Not Feeling Yourself? Here's 5 Ways To Lift Your Mood

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At some point or another we've all got ourselves into one of them moods that we just can't get out of. That point in our lives where we just feel worn out, bored, or just plain blah blah blah. And as we're half way through 2021 with the Covid pandemic still going on, we can feel more prone to falling into these mindsets.

It gets to the point where you feel like you're just going through the motions of life, doing the same things over and over again, never being able to do anything new, or not even wanting to. This can be especially true now as we all stay home to help stop the spread of Covid. It can start to feel like the days all blend together.

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Maybe you feel like there is just nothing to look forward to or it might just be the case that you can't pinpoint what exactly is wrong, but something just feels off for you. These slumps happen, to everyone too, and here's how to work through them...

Social Connections
We are social animals, and even more so during Covid, we need a degree of social interaction with others to feel our best. Being on our own, or with our children only for these past few months can really take its toll, so it's important to speak to others, to get that moment of freedom from the monotony. Whether that be a phone call to a friend, a Zoom meeting with your parents for dinner over the net or simply waving and having a chat to your neighbour. Connecting with others really helps us to feel more fulfilled.

Getting Out
It is so important for our mental and physical health to move our bodies, and get exercise. But during Covid times, it can feel a bit of a task to exercise at home. I'll be the first to admit that I hate exercising at home, I much prefer going to the gym or going swimming. But, hear me out, getting out is the best form of exercise, for your body and mind. You don't have to put yourself through an intense and vigorous workout to get the exercise you need, and movement of any kind is beneficial. A daily walk, to the local park, dancing to the radio, or even doing a bit of yoga. Doing anything that takes your mind off being stuck indoors, and gives you some free head-space will do wonders for your mental and physical health too.

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Eat Better
The most important thing when it comes to eating better, isn't about calorie counting and starving yourself so you fit into a dress that you bought when you were 15. The best thing to do, is to watch your sugar intake, especially when you're going through a hard time. Sugar may feel like a mood booster when you're deep-throating that very large slab of cake, but an hour or so later when it hits, you'll feel rubbish. It's also very wise to not reach for quick fixes such as alcohol to feel better.

Get Some Sleep
Sleep isn't a luxury that we all joke about, it's a necessity and lack of sleep is a sure fire way to put you in a downer. Poor sleep negatively affects our health in so many ways. It not only gives us low energy, but it can lead to forgetfulness and weight gain. Lack of sleep is serious and you should consider it a priority, which coming from me is a real hypocritical thing to say since I mostly live off a couple of hours sleep and lots of caffeine.

Manage Your Social Media Usage And News
At the moment especially, we're bombarded with 24/7 news coverage about everything bad going on in the world, and constant access to social media makes this even worse. This is especially true during the Covid outbreak when the news can be overly dramatic and we have nothing better to do than sit at home and mindlessly scroll across all social medias looking at everyone else's seemingly perfect lives. Take time, limit how much you access social media. Turn off the news, you don't need to watch it all the time anyway.

Lastly, as an extra ways, don't beat yourself up if you're feeling blue. Slumps happen from time to time and they can affect anyone at all. Most times, these feelings hit for a couple days before that dark cloud lifts and you feel like yourself again. So don't worry, it will get better!

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