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Oh, hello September. How fast you have come round. It seems this year is flying by and I'll soon be showing off Christmas gifts and getting ready for 2022. But for now, I'm here to share some of my favourites from the last month with you. This is a new monthly segment of mine where I'll talk about products and things I've loved from the past month.

This month I am focusing on me. It's often us parents forget about ourselves, My old favourites posts ended up being taken over by products that my children loved, but this month, it's all about things I have loved from the past month. Items that I am loving at the minute...

check shackets are a current favourite of mine

The first thing I have to talk about is not really a product at all, it's about me. The last year has seen some big changes in my household. Going from an unhappy family of 5, to a thriving family of 4. I have spent this past year sorting everything out, from going back to my maiden name, to getting a new passport, driving licence and changing everything needed to make sure me and my children are secure in our new life. 

I have taken my own life back. And nearly a year down the line, I am happier than I ever have been. I'm on a new career path, doing all the training I can do and have even got a new car. I've also travelled so much this year. Okay, UK only due to the pandemic, but before this year I had never been down south. Now I've been a fair few times. 

In fact, I must admit that London is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. The first time I arrived in London, I was taken straight away to the place I wanted to go the most, Tower Bridge. I had seen it so many times in photos, on tv etc, but wanted to see it for myself. And wow, it is so impressive. This photo I took at the weekend just gone, not long before this was taken, I got to see it rise and let a boat through. 

Over the various times I've been to London this year, I have seen so many beautiful places. Aside from Tower Bridge, the National History Museum is a must if you're down in London. We easily spent a full day in there and still didn't see everything. And at the weekend, we visited the V&A Museum which wasn't anything like I expected. Seeing some full sized casts of beautiful columns and buildings from all around the world, mesmerising. 

This month, I've also started using Audible to listen to audio books whilst travelling. Since I've started getting the train down South quite a lot, I decided I needed something to pass the time and this was a good option. Reading books whilst travelling isn't something I'm able to do as the concentration needed gives me headache whilst on the train. So audio books was a good option to get through some books, and pass the hours on the train. 

My friend, Louise, mentioned a book called Driven to me which I have been loving. And luckily, it's part of a whole series so will take some time to get through them all. Driven, Fuelled, Crashed, Raced and Aced are a must for anyone who loves a story similar to 50 Shades, all about a bad boy racing car driver named Colton Donovan. 

As someone who enjoys a tipple every now and then, I thought I had tried most spirits. But I'd never heard of rye spirit before now. Oxford Rye is a unique spirit distilled from ancient heritage rye. A 'rye spirit' is a liquid that is under three years old. If it was older than this it would be classed as a ‘rye whisky’. 

Twice distilled and then rested in American oak barrels to bring out its best characteristics, Oxford Rye has an intoxicating aroma of sandalwood and vanilla, with nutty and spicy notes on the palate. Perfect served neat over ice, or can be enjoyed as a long drink. Ginger ale seems to be the mixer of choice, but I quite like it with lemonade and lime. 

Since I have changed my mindset about myself, I've been looking in to what I wear and choosing clothes I wouldn't usually go for. From wearing dresses more often, to wearing crop tops and skirts. It's nice to finally have a sense of independence in what I am doing, knowing that I have my own mind and can choose what I want in life. 

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