A Surprise Birthday Weekend

How are we already nearly half way through October?! It seems like only yesterday I was welcoming September and now look, a whole new month has come and will be soon gone. I can't quite believe I'm saying this, but 2022 is only round the corner. How is that even possible?!

Birthday Celebrations!
October is a great month for me as it's the month of my birth. And this year was a totally different experience as I could finally celebrate my birthday, something I haven't really done before. 

I knew I would be spending my birthday weekend down in London, but that is it. Everything else had been planned as a surprise, so I was basically turning up there not knowing what we'd be doing, where we'd be going, or even where we'd be staying. All he'd told me, was to bring a pretty dress, some formal clothes and maybe some loungewear for a bit of downtime. 

As it's October, I packed quite a few floaty mini dresses but paired them with thick tights to keep my legs warm whilst out and about. That was a good shout as it was fairly cold on an evening, but quite mild during the day, so these outfits meant I could add layers, or remove, if needed. 

Turned out, he had been sneaking in hints for a while but I'd just not realised it. I should have really since what he booked were places we had both spoke about previously, and somewhere he knew I loved. 

Friday was a chill day, or was supposed to be. We ended up straying further than we were planning and ended up in central London. We visited Tower Bridge and he pointed out that he knew I'd want to see it as we wouldn't for the rest of the weekend. Since the first time I travelled down to London, I have loved going to see Tower Bridge. It is my most favourite place to go and see, so it's always nice to have a walk along it. 

Saturday was the first proper day of celebrations, and that was when I realised that his hints and mis-information, and honestly how I'd not worked out what he had planned, were all starting to fall into place. 

Tower Bridge
We were going to go up it and walk along the glass floor! The very first time I had met him in London, I said how I would love to walk the glass floor, but at the time, Covid meant it was closed, so he had booked it for my birthday. So adorable, he knew I would absolutely love it!

We walked up the hundreds of steps to the top of Tower Bridge. We walked the glass floor. We took loads of photos of the bridge and the amazing view. Looking out towards the Shard, he wondered how amazing Tower Bridge would look from at the top of that very tall building. The bridge was beautiful, and we even got to go down into the engine room to see how the bridge actually lifts. 

This was like the perfect present for me, it could get no better. Or so I thought. 

He then told me where we'd be staying for the rest of the weekend. 

The Tower Hotel!

This might not mean much to anyone else, but for me, it was everything. The first time I came to London to see him, we passed this hotel and stopped to admire it. He explained how he would love to stay there one day, and I agreed it would be amazing. I mean, the view of Tower Bridge alone makes it such a prime location. 

I was in such shock. I could not believe he had booked it. This beautiful place just to celebrate my birthday. He knew I would love it with the view of the beautiful bridge, the perfect location and right on the Thames. The room was beautiful, with the perfect view of Tower Bridge, he had purposely paid extra so that I could wake up to that stunning view. 

After a nice walk and stopping for tea at Wagamamas, we spent the rest of the night enjoying the hotel, getting drinks, sweets, and sat listening to music and looking at the bridge from our hotel room window. 

I was so overwhelmed at this point. And it was only Saturday. My birthday was the Sunday and he had more things planned for that too. 

My birthday arrived and it was just the best day. As always when we're in London, we try to visit a museum, and today was no different. The British Museum was one I hadn't been to before so we ventured there to pass a few hours as he said how the evening would be busy.

Back in our room, we chilled for a bit before getting ready to go out. This was where we needed our formal clothes. He donned a shirt and trousers, and I went for a pretty dress from Femme Luxe, blazer and court shoes. We walked along to London Bridge Station to get the Underground, and then he stopped. "We're here" he said. A confused look appeared on my face. He pointed upwards to the building in front of us.

The Shard...

I could not believe it. We would be going up to the top floor of The Shard! In the lift we went, right to the top. Floor 72 to celebrate with cocktails. It was spectacular. The view was mesmerising. We could see all over London, and more importantly, the view of Tower Bridge from this high was stunning. 

He explained how he had researched about the timing of the sunset on my birthday so that he could book for the exact time, so we could experience the sun going down over London whilst we were at the highest point. If I'd had not been conscious about smudging my makeup, I could have easily cried happy tears at this point. 

We spent so long just walking around the 72nd floor, seeing the view from each side, and watching as the sky slowly got darker and all the pretty lights lit up the night sky. After a few cocktails, it was time to leave and go for a birthday meal. 

He had booked an Italian for us. And keeping with the theme of my love of Tower Bridge, the restaurant, Tavolino, had a view of the bridge too. We ate, and then had a lovely walk back along Tower Bridge to our hotel. 

I was still in awe. How he had booked these places for me, spending so much money, time and research to make my birthday special. No one has ever put so much effort into me before. 

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