My name is Michaela and I was the sole author of Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum which was my own personal parenting and lifestyle website. Starting in April 2012, Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum was just supposed to be a place where I could document my children as the grew, so I could look back at the memories and see exactly what adventures we got up to. It gave me a purpose whilst being stuck at home with nothing to do in between naps

Adventures of a Yorkshire Mum has now been passed on to a fellow Yorkshire mum and since then, I have diversified and realised that my once family related site, was being taken over I wanted to write about less family orientated content. 

Enter At Home With Kayla...

At Home With Kayla is my blog and will talk about my lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel. It'll be a space where I can write about different topics that aren't always family orientated. 

If you would like to discuss working with me on a blog feature please do get in touch and once again, thanks for reading!

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