Creating a Grey and White Modern Family Bathroom

Grey bathrooms are having a renaissance right now - this stunning tone is the colour trend of the decade and can make a bathroom look super modern if used correctly. 

What I personally love about grey, is that it can be combined with different colours to really make the room pop, or used on its own to look modern and stylish. If paired with the right hues it can really make a designer scheme, give a calming effect, and add extra punch to your design.


Creating A Rose Gold Master Bedroom

We've slowly been getting round to updating the decor in our house lately. I started by writing about how we created a silver and grey livingroom, and now we've gone upstairs to the next lot of rooms that need sorting out. 

The master bedroom in our house was in dire need of updating. It has been a really dark purple since we moved in and that made the room look so dull and dreary. I've always dreamt of having a bedroom that is relaxing but luxurious, and has the design that looks bold but serine at the same time.

Creating a Grey and Silver Living Room

I'm not a person to shy away from colour, and think that every room of our house should allow the personalities and loves of the people in them to come out. I love colour - I love different colours - And I love mixing colours to suit us. 

I totally not a white and magnolia fan!

So when my husband finally gave me the go ahead to start stripping the living room, I got that paper off as fast as I could and started planning what our living room would look like. I knew that I wanted a silver theme, and grey seemed to be an 'in' colour at the moment, and that's where my choice came from.


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