A Year in Lockdown – The Positives I've Experienced

Oh how a year has changed things so much. This time last year I was planning holidays to Spain and Mexico, to experience other cultures and explore new countries. Little did I know that the whole world would some to a stand still, and we'd be going nowhere for the foreseeable. Isn't it hard to believe that a year ago life was going to change for us in a way that none of us could have predicted? 

Within a couple of weeks, the country was put into a national lockdown, to stop the spread of Covid, and I don't think any of us assumed that, a year later, we would be coming out of yet another lockdown.  I have my fingers tightly crossed that this is the last of the lockdowns needs now that the vaccinations are being rolled out.


Give A Warmer Welcome With DIY Decorative Signs

Everyone wants their home to be welcoming. To be welcoming is to say to yourself, your family, and any guests you invite that your home is a place to be warm, safe, and comfortable. There are few things that can get that message across quite as effectively as a welcome sign. Here, we’re going to look at a few ways you can spruce up a DIY welcome sign These can be hung on the door, used on a vignette in the inside hall, or place on the wall to give your home that touch of relaxation and approach-ability.


If You’re Struggling To Come Up With Ideas For Home Improvement, Here Are Some Thoughts

We all want to live in the best possible home. Life is to be enjoyed, after all. Sure, we need to go through a few ups and downs, and responsibilities will never go away, but we’re supposed to have a good time for most of our tenure on this planet! We can look for lots of ways to make us happy, but we need to initially focus on something closer to home – pardon the pun.


Tips For Creating More Space In The Bedroom

It’s important to create space in the bedroom. Having that room to breathe both physically and mentally is essential when it comes to this space because it’s a space to relax and feel zen in. With that being said, here are some tips for creating more space in the bedroom.

Clear Out The Clutter
Clearing out your clutter is something that everyone could do with doing on a regular basis. We end up collecting so much rubbish over the years that it ends up sitting in cupboards and wardrobes. It’s not until we eventually go through them, that we realise just how much we’ve collected. It’s important to try and stay on top of the clutter no matter how much you think you’re a hoarder or how little you feel you hoard. When it comes to your bedroom, take a moment to look at your room at face value. If you have things lying around on the floor or perhaps wardrobes that are bursting open, then it’s time to do a sort out of your space. 


How To Make Your Garden A Little More Useful And Functional

When it comes to the garden area of a home, you don’t have to rush to make sure it’s the best-looking aspect of the home. You have other priorities in your life – especially if you’ve just moved in and need to sort out the fundamentals of your new home life. The garden does help out a lot with the likes of value, overall aesthetics, and personal happiness, however. Because of these factors, one’s garden should be worked on when possible. 


Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Travel Experience

Trips are amazing, and they are ideal ways of breaking the monotony. You get to refresh your mind through a trip if you have been busy at work all through. However, your trip might feel like work rather than a holiday. It would help if you prevented such by using these tips to make out of your travel experience.


5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Secure

Home security should always be a top priority as it’s not only a deterrent for burglars, but will give you peace of mind. Protect your family and possessions with a few easy upgrades to your home. Look into the different points of entry and make sure they’re secure, such as your windows and doors. You could also invest in a state-of-the-art smart security system that you can control from your phone. Don’t forget about safety online as well. Here are five easy ways to keep your home secure.